Friday, September 12, 2008

Free Fun at the Kennedy Center

One of the things that I have accepted about myself is that I am not a weekend warrior. I am not a, "hey, let's get up early and get things done" kind of person on the weekends. I believe in sleeping in late, really late, and then bumming around doing whatever. I occasionally force myself to go to the farmers market only because I love good food. No, I don't take advantage of "all the great free cultural stuff DC has to offer" on the weekends because I don't get up early enough for that, ok? And then you have to take into account the screaming kids and strollers people trot out on the weekends and you know how I feel about that! I usually don't even leave my apartment until sunset. So, I was very happy to see that the Kennedy Center is offering a full day of free performances this Saturday featuring artists from across the country and DC at Prelude 2008: Arts Across America. There's a wide variety of acts to see and the festival goes on until 11pm. Imagine that, even in DC.

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Anonymous said...

How was it?

Thinking Fool said...

Well, how about that. The city that goes to bed early extends its hours a bit!