Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Official

When it comes to restaurants I like, I've certainly praised Corduroy here once or twice before. And it's mainly because I love having such great food in my neighborhood now. I also admire a pioneer like chef and owner Tom Power who had the foresight to open on a not so great looking block that makes it hard to find the place because there's hardly anything else around. Oh yeah, there is the Convention Center across the street which is slowly but surely propelling development in the area. With great service, food, decor, and great reviews, the restaurant is a recipe for success. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed the sign had just gone up on the building and a beaming Power was standing outside. Of course, I had to get a picture of this momentous occasion. And as it turns out, he also had another reason to celebrate. Yes ladies, one of DC's most eligible bachelors is off the market. The chef just tied the knot last weekend and I was lucky enough to get an invite to the wedding party. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Chuck Brown and his band played at the party and it was my first time hearing him live. That was definitely one of the best parties I've been to in a long time. I even took a picture with Chuck!

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!! You actually went to his wedding party?!?!? How are you soooo lucky? Can I please live in your purse?

City Girl DC said...

Shaw Girl- you are too sweet!