Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Actual Date

I actually went on a date recently. Odd how that's not very clear in a place like DC. I do a lot of "hanging out" with guys and I'm not always sure if these are dates. Especially lately. After ending something that lasted for a while, at least for me, I have not been romantically tied to anyone and have been cocooning myself among familiar people and places so as not to subject myself to what's out there. So, over the weekend I went to a friend's potluck which ended with us all out on the sidewalk dancing. Rather than disturb the neighbors any further, we headed over to The Space where a live reggae band was playing on the first floor. I was intrigued by this really great band and hung out while everyone else took off to the rooftop deck. A cute guy with an accent liberally put his arm around my waist and started talking. After having had several drinks at the party, I wasn't too hard on the guy but, his hand was really almost on my ass. Turned out he's from Antigua and does web design. The conversation was good and we danced for a while and exchanged numbers. He pretty much convinced me to take a trip to Antigua. The next day we met at Tryst for a late lunch (anything after 3pm isn't really brunch is it?). I haven't done that in years! The service was as always, terrible but the coffee is good. We talked forever then took a walk and stopped for beer at an outdoor patio. It was kind of cute how he tried to reassure me of his identity with his passport in an attempt to walk me home (and come in of course) but I'm just not really feeling any form of involvement right now. Such is life.

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sunshowers said...

You should definitely go to is paradise!

City Girl DC said...

I am planning my trip as I write this!

Jessica McFadden said...

Love the blog...transports me back 10 years, and the love the recs on where to go when I actually get out.