Monday, March 1, 2010

Amidst Chaos

I love a pleasant surprise. This past week was chaotic in ways I can't and don't want to go into. Let's just say I survived. And through it all, there was a ray of hope. In addition to my normal work schedule, I took on some contract work that needed to be done in just a week. Broke girl needs work - she'll do it. So, I was exhausted and delirious, which of course means I made bad decisions like thinking I could relieve stress with an ex. Not. Why didn't someone warn me!!! The good thing is that as DC conferences go, there's always interesting people to meet. Lucky for me I met some folks from Barbados who now have me convinced that I should be living there. I may not go that far but I will definitely visit this summer, hopefully for carnival. This extended winter season in DC has been enough to speed up my search for my happy place.

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1 comment:

twodrinkminimum-musings said...

lol, i believe the term "ex's are ex's for a reason" was... coined for a reason. Great post though. Cheers