Thursday, February 18, 2010

Twitter as Matchmaking Service

I just discovered an interesting latent function of Twitter, well at least for me: it can be used to weed out people you thought you might be interested in. I'm not a Facebook person but I'm sure that's also a good way. But what I think is even better about Twitter is that you get these quick little sound bytes into someone's personality, almost like speed dating. It's very spontaneous and makes you think hard about getting in exactly what you want you to say in 140 characters or less. And how did I realize this? Well, of course, because I started following someone I thought I might be interested in. Now I don't have to wonder. Thank you little, chirping blue bird!

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TiaBia said...

LOL!!! That is nothing but perfection. I'm guessing he got the "unfollow" treatment :-).

I do agree that for "background" checking Twitter is better, since you can follow and not compromise too much personal information...unlike Facebook!!! Good job there :-).

City Girl DC said...

TiaBia - yes, unfollow indeed. And it's so much better than wasting time on a date!