Monday, December 14, 2009

The Rules

It's been years since I read The Rules but I still own a copy and I'm pretty familiar with most of them. I've heard all the criticism and can't say I agree with everything in it, but a lot of it makes since for single women. As many single women and men know by now, one of the rules is that a man should call for a weekend date by Wednesday. This is one of those rules that should be followed for a good reason. For example:
This past Thursday, after our dim sum dinner, Derek and I met up with Amanda at the Greene Turtle where a friend was bartending. A group of friendly guys who were just at the Wizards game came in. One of them bought me a beer and we got into a long conversation about basketball. He seemed nice enough and we talked about checking out a game together. So, we traded numbers. What I didn't expect was a text around 4pm on Saturday asking me what I was doing that evening. I was having one of those sit around and do nothing but laundry and TV Saturdays. I was bored and ignored the rule. When I agreed to "have a couple of drinks" with him, here's the text I got:

"Ok, great. I'll pick up a 6-pack and u can come over to my place. There's a documentary coming on that I can't miss."

I was initially planning to ignore this ridiculous request but I decided I wasn't going to let him off the hook. I texted him back and asked if that's his idea of asking a woman out on a date. He claimed that it wasn't and then asked if I wanted to go out later. Uh, no. Ladies, no matter how bored, it never pays to take the Saturday night bait.

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