Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Am I a Grownup?

I was recently in the company of an 18 year old and felt compelled to ask what the kids do for fun these days. I'm never around kids except for the occasional visit with my sister and her kids. Well, this particular teen who lives in DC, gave me a run down of her social life. I was surprised to find out that hers was not much different than mine. She mentioned: going out to eat, art/music/fashion events, hanging out at a friend's place, going to the movies, and shopping. Yeah, pretty much the same for me. Boyfriend? Nope. Me either. She even said she didn't really like kids and probably would never have any. Now that was funny. But seriously, I really began to think about how different I am from an 18 year old college kid this past Sunday at a Super Bowl party thrown by some neighborhood friends. There was a keg, people playing beer pong, and so much pot being smoked I'm sure I got a contact high in addition to my hangover. And yes, these are all over-25 people with jobs and in some cases mortgages. Maybe this is what happens when people don't get married or have kids.
But the one thing that I can say distinguished me from the 18 year old: she said she wanted to be a trophy wife one day and do nothing all day but shop. Poor thing. A sense of reality usually does come with age.

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1 comment:

Jamie said...

Interesting analysis. I would venture that a lot of people only become grownup when they have screaming babies, and the accompanying lack of sleep and enormous future expenses looming.

Well, some people do grow up before that point. But they tend to be pretty dull specimens.