Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gay or ....?

For a single girl in a big city like DC, you've got to have some guidance about dating. That's when you turn to your circle of friends - women, men, gay, straight, etc. There's got to be some level of definitive sexual orientation in my opinion. But hey, I'm in my 30's, and maybe that's all gone out of the window with the 20-somethings. All I know is, it's nice to know who you're sleeping with. I had this discussion at a recent neighborhood wine tasting. As the discussion went, "How do you know the guy you're sleeping with is gay/bisexual/experimenting/unsure/whatever?" Here are some questions a group of us came up with that could possibly be of use:

  • Does he have a rack of magnum condoms but is not so well-endowed?
  • Can he recite lines from Sex and the City?
  • Is he better at being Martha Stewart than the woman herself?
  • Does he like and request a finger up his ass?
  • Can he accessorize your outfit better than you?
  • Does he think the decision to sleep with a man is a matter of mere self control?
Just some thoughts. Any others?

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Food Rockz Man said...

Hmmmm . . . that'd be (1) no on the magnums; (2) no on the Sex and the City lines; (3) I might be able to cook better than her, but I'm not at all into the other homemaking $hit; (4) no finger in the ass, thanks; (5) my only interest in your outfit is removing it from your body; and (6) no self-control involved in the not-sleeping-with-dudes thing. Now that I've reaffirmed my straightness, have I mentioned that I'm single?

City Girl DC said... rockz man is single! Uh, did you hear that ladies?

Washington DC said...

Thats ridiculous!

City Girl DC said...