Thursday, July 10, 2008

Divorce Is In The Air

One of the things I love about being single is never having to worry about getting a divorce. Bad dates, bad breakups, heartbreak - yes. But attorneys, court proceedings, and dividing up property - no. Way too much to deal with. Divorces are just so drama-filled and just downright sad when children are involved. And when there are celebrities involved, even more so. This whole Christie Brinkley thing is unbelievable. What I never understand is, why get married in the first place? If you want to sleep with teenagers and get involved in online sex adventures, do you really need to get married? No. Then there's the Alex Rodriguez or A-Rod divorce. Given his level of "alleged" infidelity, the nickname A-Rod seems appropriate. My take on this situation is that he falls into two categories of men not to date and especially not marry: an athlete and a man who is prettier than most women. And I hate to say it but in this case, he is way more attractive than his wife, which isn't hard. Given what we know about most men, it's no wonder his wife is alleging marital misconduct. So, while not making excuses for men and cheating, I wouldn't even have bothered getting A-Rod to stand up in a church and take a vow to keep his rod in his pants.

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Bren@Flanboyant Eats said...

that is just too bad. he is so fine, but no woman deserves that! please give DC a huge hug for me. How i miss it!

and, i'll be checking our blog out to stay connected to the city I love 2nd most! :)

City Girl DC said...

Hey Bren - love your blog! Come back and see us here in DC.