Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's Raining Men

It is indeed raining men these days which I suppose is appropriate given that spring is here and the whole April showers thing. What is interesting is that these men have all been young. That is, much younger than me. I don't really get it. Do I have a sign on my forehead that says I'm looking for a hot, young, stud? What's really weird is that I've been thinking about how I should probably start dating more age appropriate men who are more serious about the future. Yes, this is what happens after one too many conversations with my mother. But of course, as my luck would have it, I get approached by men who can barely remember the 80's because they were still in diapers. Let's see, within the last month:
· I left Lovah-ville where I was chilling with a 24 year old
· I get stalked at my local Potbelly by a 22 year old who works there
· When exiting the metro, I'm stopped by a very sweet 24 year old who pretends to need directions but then tries to follow me to my destination
· My new neighborhood bartender is extremely cute and generous with drinks, but turns out to be 23. He's asked me twice now if I want to go out.
· My girlfriend's 22 year old brother shows up at her birthday party and decides to stick to me like glue. He now keeps asking her to hook him up with me.

And this, I still haven't gotten over: Just the other day while walking to U Street to meet the girls for happy hour, I get stopped by a boy wearing a book bag and what appears to be a school uniform. He says he wants to "holla" at me and get my number. Of course I want to know how old he is and as I imagine, he's 16. And even though I kept walking, this child didn't give up. He claimed that girls his age were all young and dumb. Wow. So teenage boys actually go looking for pedophiles.

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DC Newbie said...

You're lucky...I get hit on by men old enough to be my father...or grandfather. It's beyond disturbing when a man in Whole Foods says "You look just like my daughter" and then proceeds to ask you for your phone number.

City Girl DC said...

Yes, that is creepy! But as you can tell, I was just as creeped out by the 16 year old!