Sunday, September 9, 2007

A New School Year

Hello All!,

Why do I always feel nervous in September? Ok, I am a true nerd and always wanted to do well come the new school year. There was always so much pressure for me about being the best and the brightest in my class. This of course explains why I ended up in a prep school in New England straight out of the "hood" and years later out of grad school in DC with all the brainiacs but it doesn't explain how I've ended up here - in the place I want to write about. Different, wild, unexpected, strange, beautiful, nonsensical, revelatory, and connected in so many ways to people and things I never would have imagined. This represents a journey I continue and want to share... All I can or want to say is join me and share your experiences. Because truly, what else is life about other than the shared experience of being human!

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Jeannette said...

Congrats City Girl DC on your new blog account. Hope you have had a healthy and prosperous year.Dont forget to take your time,and thimk before you leap.

CityGirl said...

thanks J, I'll try my best!