Thursday, September 2, 2010

Discovery Channel: How Bad is Your Programming?

I am extremely relieved that the hostage situation at the Discovery Channel's headquarters resulted in no one being hurt other than the guy taking hostages. But I also have to admit that this fact makes me feel less guilty joking about the irony of it all. My teenage niece called it "old school" because these days you rarely hear about hostages being taken. These crazy gun-toting people usually just shoot a bunch of people and then shoot themselves. And who would ever think of protesting bad TV by taking hostages and demanding that a network change its programming? I have been meaning to post a rant about how tired and perplexed I am of TLC's obsession with big ass families. I mean really, the idea of 19 kids just seems gross and irresponsible. A commercial for one of these shows has a woman saying, "The cost of raising these five babies is huge!" No shit. Who told these people to have so many kids? Apparently the gunman believed that Discovery was promoting overpopulation. What seems more accurate to me is their promotion of reproductive planning for dummies. What genius came up with the I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant show? I haven't seen it but have heard stories about babies falling out of woman's uterus at the mall, on a roller coaster, anywhere - all for the camera to see. That's just sick.
I can only hope Discovery will reevaluate its programming after the hostage incident but I doubt it. At least now I can watch What Not to Wear over on the Planet Green channel.

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