Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pretty Good Weekend

Even as City Girl, I can't say that I have these awesome weekends. When I'm actually working even a somewhat typical Monday thru Friday 9-5 job, I often spend large amounts of time at home bumming around in bed, on the phone, watching mindless TV, eating peanut butter out of the jar, etc. When evening arrives, I consider going out. I look at all the options in terms of what's going on, offers I've gotten and based on what sounds good, will decide on a destination. Only then will I shower, get dressed and head out. This of course, is usually followed by getting in well after 2am and then recovering the next day. I do sometimes try to throw in the occasional errand during the day but that's only if I'm feeling ambitious or a persistent friend gets me out of bed.
This past weekend was actually pretty jam packed with activity. While hanging out at my neighborhood wine bar, I met a really fun and interesting Seattleite here on business. Being the Ambassador of Fun that I am, we hung out afterwards in Adams Morgan and then did the DC tour the next day until late in the night. After my really bad date the weekend before, this was a pleasant surprise even though this was strictly platonic hanging out which is perfect for me right now. The next night was was dancing with old friends to house music on U Street at Almaz Bar at Saturday Soul Sessions. Late night food at the newly re-opened New Bing Wong in Chinatown was definitely in order. The next night was Redskins football watching at Nellie's with Mitch. Even though Mitch is gay, I introduced him to the place and he thinks a gay sports bar is an oxymoron. Go figure.

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